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    Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Huang-chou Chemical Co., Ltd.Jiangmen City, Huang-chou Chemical Co., a subsidiary of Guangdong Charming Co., Ltd., was founded in September 2006, based on industrial development and reform, in March 2009 with Guangdong Charming Co., Ltd. Powder Coating Division merge operations powder coating is a collection development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises,Its powder coatings career began in 1989, China's first supplier of powder coating, after two decades of development, has a number of excellent quality from the theory and practice of experienced professionals in the powder coating composition of the technical team , has been committed to the development of powder coatings; advanced analytical equipment, testing equipment and a number of domestic and foreign leading powder coating production lines with an annual capacity of 8,000 tons now, with strong R & D, production, marketing, technical support, comprehensive strength, precipitation in powder coatings with extensive professional experience in the field, and has a "brilliant color", "imperial universe", "bonding" three brands. The raw materials are used by companies through the relevant standard test, the product line with the EU ROHS directive, and through the ISO9001 (2000) quality management system certification.Companies adhere to science and technology in order to advance and innovative business philosophy, and constantly develop new technology and new products. Products with superior quality and excellent service has won many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers recognized. By the Swedish IKEA (IKEA), USA Newey (NEWAY), Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart), French Carrefour (CARREFOUR), Kelon, Midea and many other international brand companies and listed companies to use.Companies follow the "create value for customers," the core concept, the implementation of lean production management, using high-quality raw materials, committed to technological innovation, management innovation, and throughout the country is committed to regional sales network users at home and abroad to provide a stable and high-quality green products application services, continue to contribute to human progress.